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REVEALED BY JAMES SCHRAMKO: Renowned search engine and social media
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Brad Fallon, John Carlton, Adam Ginsberg and more…

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Revealed Below: What your competition doesn't want you to know about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing and more!

From: Scott Bywater, 10:37am

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Why Do Thousands of Business Owners and Web-Entrepreneurs Listen to James Schramko?

James Schramko
  • James has been researching, testing and developing the latest internet marketing strategies since 2005.
  • He has managed more than $1 million of his own money on pay-per-click advertising.
  • He and his search engine optimization team have dominated hundreds of highly competitive search engine keywords in dozens of different industries.
  • He consults hundreds of businesses on their social media and online marketing strategies.
  • He has developed dozens of pioneering internet marketing techniques and tools which are the envy of the internet marketing industry.
  • And he is a sought after marketing speaker, having shared the stage with such international experts as Ryan Diess, Eben Pagan, Brad Fallon, John Carlton, Adam Ginsberg and many more.



What Some Of The World's Leading Internet Marketing Experts Say About James Schramko:

Brad Fallon"He's the real deal!”

"If you’re not already making more than $10,000 per month online, James Schramko can get you to that level faster than anyone. James’ easy-to-follow style is EXACTLY what you need to start making money fast while learning the skills you need for massive online profits down the road. Just do exactly what he says, step-by-step, and you WILL be successful online James Schramko is the real deal."

Brad Fallon - SEO Expert - CEO of Smart Marketing Inc

Yanik Silver"He can get others to the same internet lifestyle...."

"James is someone who has gone from normal, hard-working employee to superstar Internet marketer in record time. And the best part about his transformation is he really can get others to the same Internet Lifestyle by short cutting the process he went through."

Yanik Silver - Serial Internet Entrepreneur and Self Made Millionaire

John Carlton"The brilliant Aussie who came out of nowhere!”

"James Schramko”… the brilliant Aussie who came out of nowhere (knowing squat about the Web), to dominate search engine rankings and generally crush all competitors in any market he chose to conquer.
"He understands what it’s like to be a rookie looking for a clue… and he has made a huge name for himself helping entrepreneurs zoom to dominance with minimal skills and very little investment."

John Carlton - world famous copywriter


Recently, the partners of an Australian legal firm sat down to examine their website.

Like most businesses, they had paid a professional web design firm thousands of dollars to develop it, yet they struggled to get any return on their investment.

Their site ranked poorly on the search engines and it struggled to attract more than a few hundred mostly unqualified visitors each month.

Even worse, competition for their keywords was fierce and many of their competitors were using professional search engine optimization firms to compete.

Yet, with an average customer value of $10,000, they knew poor search engine rankings were costing them thousands of dollars in lost business each and every day.

That's when they enlisted the services of James Schramko, one of Australia's most sought after and exclusive internet marketers.

And within just a few weeks -- using the simple techniques I'm about to reveal to you on this page -- their website skyrocketed up the search rankings to number 1 on all their market "keywords".

Their visitors swelled to over 3,800 highly qualified visitors a month and their online marketing returns exploded by more than 1,000%!

Best of all, these effective internet marketing strategies are so simple, any business owner could use them without any special technical knowledge or skills. All you need is a computer and access to the internet!

James recently revealed these underground internet marketing techniques to me on a special webinar event. He also revealed other new and unconventional strategies for dominating the search engines, attracting hordes of new sales leads to your business and exploding sales conversions.

Sadly, you missed the live event, but now you can have the next best thing with a specially recorded online video of James' webinar for you to watch over and over again from the comfort of your own home.

I'll show you how to gain instant access to this specially recorded event in a minute.

But first, let me introduce to some of the breakthroughs James covered.

Facebook and Twitter - A New Online
Gold Rush For Business Owners

Facebook TwitterIn case you haven't heard, Facebook and Twitter are by far the "hottest" marketing tools around today!

Not since the birth of "pay-per-click" advertising almost a decade ago has such a lucrative opportunity presented itself to business owners.

Facebook alone has recently overtaken Google as the most visited website on the Internet and has over 500 million users world-wide, including more than 9 million users in Australia.

Twitter is not far behind with over 105 million users worldwide, including 2.5 million users in Australia.

These tools have proven to be so influential in America that they were one of President Obama's most effective campaign strategies during the recent US Elections.

Corporate America has also caught onto the boom with "social media managers" suddenly becoming one of the most sought after professionals in the US overnight.

Facebook and Twitter can literally open up new markets for your business and drive enormous volumes of traffic to your website.

Yet it might surprise you to learn that despite their enormous profit potential, only a small percentage of businesses know how to truly harness the power of these two social media giants.

Most businesses think of them as a communications tool only. They don't realise the true marketing power they really possess.

But now you can laugh at their ignorance and dominate these mediums before your competition wises up. You'll discover how on James' specially recorded webinar video.

The Frightening Marketing Power of Video Marketing

YouTubeWhen three friends came up with the idea of creating a video sharing website at a dinner party in 2005, even they couldn't have imagined how big it would become.

Yet less than 5 years later, is now the third most visited website in the world.

Their numbers are staggering:

  • YouTube broadcasts over 2 billion video views everyday, nearly double the entire prime-time audience of all 3 major US networks combined.
  • The average person online now spends around 15 minutes each day on YouTube.
  • More than 80% of all online video is streamed from YouTube, with 46.2 years of footage watched everyday on Facebook alone.
  • In 2007 (amazingly when YouTube was still in its infancy), YouTube consumed more bandwidth than the entire internet did in 2000!

I guess it's not surprising then that YouTube, along with other video sharing sites like Google Video and Vidler, have opened up a wealth of opportunity for savvy business owners like you to grow your business.

For example, 94 of Advertising Age's top 100 advertisers now advertise on YouTube.

Yet, like Facebook and Twitter, most business owners are still clueless at how to exploit it.

The fact is, if you aren't using YouTube to market your business online, you're missing out on an enormous opportunity. But don't fret, James will show you how to take advantage of YouTube on this specially recorded webinar video, and you don't need fancy video equipment or Spielberg-like editing skills to do it.

If You "Blog" It, They Will Come!

BloggingWant another "hot" new marketing strategy to boost your profits? Then why not try blogging?

Don't laugh!

Since 2002, there have been an estimated 133 million blogs published online.

And while most blogs are full of drivel and aren't read by more than a handful of people, those who know the secrets are literally DOMINATING their search engine markets overnight.

With a blog, you can leverage your social media, broadcast interactive content, syndicate your links, and skyrocket your website up the search engine rankings in just days.

What's more, you can position your business as an industry leader in the process.

An American based study for example found 56% of businesses say their blog has helped their company establish a positioning as a thought leader within their industry.

If you're struggling to get top rankings on your search engine "keywords", then here's your chance to turn the tables. It's simple with these breakthrough strategies. James will show you the secrets in this specially recorded webinar video.

Powerful Web Marketing Made Easy For Business Owners

If you are a business owner, manager or aspiring web-entrepreneur, then you know the advertising landscape is changing.

Print mediums like phone directories are dying and people are switching more and more to online media everyday.

And as a business owner, you need to know how to exploit these mediums. And there's no better person to learn from than James Schramko.

As a full-time Internet marketer and owner of a highly successful Internet consulting firm here in Australia, James and his team of experts spend their working days researching, developing and perfecting the latest technologies and tactics in his business.

He knows what works, what doesn't and why. He can show you how to take advantage of the latest strategies - and even better, how to do it as quickly, easily and affordably as possible.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I rarely allow anyone to speak with my exclusive list of clients.

But after James personally revealed a strategy to me that I expect will make me at least $100,000 in the next 12 months, I knew I had to make an exception. That's why I did everything I could to convince James to deliver this webinar event to my clients.

Sadly, you missed the live event. But now you can get the next best thing by getting a fully recorded copy of the event today.

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This isn't conventional information you'll read about on a blog or free website.

Every strategy, tactic and tid-bit of advice is cutting edge, has been proven to work in the real-world and optimized to save you more time and money.

You'll also discover:

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  • Sell multiple products and services online? Then structure your site using this strategy and dominate more of your keywords.
  • Do you advertise on or off-line? Then use this ingenious strategy to test your headlines and explode your response.
  • And much more…

Why Go It Alone?

Internet marketing can be an expensive teacher.

Without the right advice, most business owners lose thousands of dollars on wasted advertising and missed opportunities.

I want your business to be the exception.

More than that: I want you to use these principles to double your returns - and then double it again - as your competition flounders behind you.

Why risk your business and go it alone, when it makes more sense to invest a few dollars and learn the groundbreaking strategies in this specially recorded webinar event - and stay ahead of your competition?

James' Internet marketing webinar for business owners is only $47 AUD. This is just a small drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of dollars you can potentially save on wasted advertising and make with these hidden marketing gems.

But, before you make up your mind, let me make you this no-risk guarantee to make your choice even easier:


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!Guaranteed

"You risk absolutely nothing. You have the right to a prompt 100% complete refund at any time within 60 days of your investment, even if you've watched the online video of the event, listened to the audio, studied the PowerPoint, or used some of James' kick-butt strategies in your business.  No questions and no quibbles...

If you aren't 100% satisfied for any reason whatsoever, contact me within 60 days and I will refund every cent of your investment. Fair enough?"


I mean it when I say that you risk nothing. You have the right to a prompt and full refund at any time within 60 days of your investment... no questions asked!

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With ever emerging technologies like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and more, there's never been a better time to take advantage of the internet in your business. So don't delay another minute.

Wishing you the best in your business.

Scott Bywater

PS. At this point after reading a typical offer, you probably think to yourself "Do I really want to gamble $47 AUD? That's exactly why I've offered my "Nothing To Lose" guarantee". If you aren't absolutely convinced that I James' internet marketing doesn't deliver everything I've promised here today, I'm the one who eats his shirt -- not you. So what are you waiting for? Click here to order securely online right now. Don't wait another minute.